Age Discrimination

Flisowski v. Faust Distributing Company
We represent Ms. Flisowski in a lawsuit against Faust Distributing Company. The complaint alleges Ms. Flisowski was terminated because of her age.

Disability Discrimination

Klinker v. The Cain Holding Group
We represent Mr. Klinker in a lawsuit against The Cain Holding Group. The complaint alleges Mr. Klinker was terminated because of his disability.

Race Discrimination

Cormier v. Beaumont Independent School District
We represent Ms. Cormier in a lawsuit against Beaumont Independent School District. The complain alleges Ms. Cormier was discriminated and retaliated against because of her race, sex, and complaints of discrimination.

Parker v. Southwest Airlines
We represent Mr. Parker in a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines. The complaint alleges Mr. Parker was terminated because of his race.

Invasion of Privacy

Galvez v. City of Katy, et al.
We represent Ms. Galvez in a lawsuit against City of Katy, Charles A. "Chuck" Brawner, and Russell Wilson. The complaint alleges Defendants intruded on her seclusion, violated her Fourth Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and violated the Stored Communications Act.