Severance Agreements and Negotiations

Should you take a severance package? Could you negotiate for a higher severance offer? If you take a severance package are you signing away important rights?

Houston employment lawyers Kalandra Wheeler and Robert J. Wiley represent employees in severance negotiations.

When offering a severance agreement, your employer is looking to protect the company. Therefore, you, as the employee, need to understand the benefits being offered by the severance package and the rights you may be waiving by signing the severance agreement.

Typical issues in severance negotiations include:

  • Any legal claims you would be waiving by taking a severance.
  • The amount being offered and whether it is fair or adequate.
  • Whether you will be able to get unemployment benefits.
  • Whether you will be able to take a new job in which you may be competing against your employer.
  • What sort of reference or information your employer will provide to prospective employers.

Our Houston employment lawyers are available to review severance documents and negotiate terms on behalf of Houston workers. We are here to help employees understand the language and terms of the agreement, identify any perceived issues with the severance agreement, and discuss the consequences for any breaches of the agreement.

If you contact us, typically we schedule you to meet face-to-face with an attorney. We will discuss your relationship with your employer to determine whether or not you may have other legal claims. With that assessment, our Houston employment lawyers are able to discuss whether or not the terms of the severance agreement are fair, the pros and cons of the agreement, and what your other options may be.

Severance agreements contain deadlines for acceptance. Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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