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Houston employment lawyers Kalandra N. Wheeler, Robert J. Wiley, and Julie St. John are motived and passionate about employee rights. We help workers. We are proud of what we do.

Houston is an incredibly diverse city. But no matter our backgrounds and beliefs, we are all bound together by labor.

Jobs give us dignity. Our jobs define our identity. We expect to be rewarded for hard work. We give the best hours of our days to our employers. We expect to be treated fairly.

Fairness means employees are not treated differently because of their race or religion. Employees must be allowed to take time off if they are sick or injured, to care for loved ones in times of crisis, and to spend bonding time with newborn children. Employees cannot be made to feel different or unwelcome because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Women and men must be given the same opportunities to advance their careers and be paid the same wages for doing the same work. Employees with disabilities like diabetes, epilepsy, HIV, and cancer must be as welcome in our workplaces as anyone else. And if a worker with a disability needs an accommodation, it should be freely given.

This is no dream, it’s the law.

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Discrimination and Retaliation

Under state and federal law, an employer cannot discriminate against an employee because of race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, or pregnancy. Despite the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), federal law protects workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Discrimination can include being wrongfully terminated, a demotion, not being hired, unequal pay, harassment, or a hostile work environment.

Importantly, employment laws also protect workers who oppose workplace discrimination. Under employment discrimination laws, retaliation is prohibited.

Unpaid Wages

Employers must pay employees fairly, honestly, and entirely for their work. Workers must be paid the minimum wage. Workers must be paid for all work they perform. This means working off the clock, deducting time for breaks or lunches, and shorting hours are all illegal. In most instances, employees are entitled to overtime pay when they work more than forty hours. Special rules protect tipped employees like waiters from having to share tips with managers or kitchen staff, and prohibit breakage fees or making employees pay for walked tabs.

Our law office represents workers who are not fairly paid, including in class actions or collective actions. The law prohibits retaliation against workers lodging complaints or unpaid overtime or minimum wage violations.

Leave and benefits

The law requires many employers to provide family leave and medical leave. When employees need leave to recover from surgery, assist family members suffering from illness, or welcome a new child into their home, the Family Medical Leave Act may provide twelve weeks of leave.

Employers often often take advantage of employees who do not know their rights. Not only can employees take leave, but they are also protected from retaliation when they return to their jobs. The employer is required to restore the employee to the position held prior to taking leave and must not retaliate against the employee.

We are here to serve the workers of Houston, Texas. But we cannot do our job unless you come forward and stand up for your rights. Do not let an employer steal your identity, your dignity, or your wages.

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