Workplace Bullying

Are you being bullied at work by co workers or supervisor? Are you being humiliated for your sexual orientation?


Houston employment lawyers Kalandra Wheeler and Robert J. Wiley, represent employees who have been the victims of workplace bullying. The creation of a hostile work environment is illegal under a variety of state and federal laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Texas Labor Code.


Workplace bullying occurs when an employee experiences a persistent pattern of mistreatment from others in the workplace that causes harm. This can conclude such tactics as verbal, non verbal, physical abuse, psychological and humiliation.


Bullying is different from aggression. In areas aggression may involve a single act, bullying involves repeated attacks against the target creating an on-going pattern of behavior. Workplace bullying can be instigated by coworkers, supervisors, contract workers, or labor representatives.  Many times bullying situations involve employees bullying their peers, rather than a supervisor bullying a employee. The work environment term “mobbing” refers to groups of co workers aiming or targeting another worker. Supervisors should intervene immediately to address and stop mobbing behaviors.


Examples of Bullying:


·      Unwarranted or invalid criticism 

·      Blame without factual justification 

·      Being treated differently than the rest of your work group 

·      Being sworn at 

·      Exclusion or social isolation

·      Interference in someone’s work

·      Threatening statements, such as termination or demotion

·      Being denied access resources, tasks, career opportunities

·      Being shouted at or being humiliated 

·      Excessive monitoring or micro-managing 

·      Being given work unrealistic deadlines

·      Aggressive physical gestures, such as posture


Unfortunately, many times victims of workplace bullying are bullied for years without knowing it.  Though he or she may recognize that they are being treated unfairly, some victims are unable to put a name to the treatment.  It is not uncommon for psychological bullying to make the victim feel inadequate, useless, and even blameworthy for the unfair treatment and abuse.  The effects of workplace bullying can severely affect not only a victim’s job performance, but their self-confidence and self-esteem as well.  The extent of damage that workplace bullying can have can be far reaching,  and can cause serious psychological consequences.


However, victims of workplace bullying must take immediate action when experiencing any of these examples of bullying.  Under federal law a victim must take action within 300 days, while under the Texas state law the deadline is 180 days. Many times we see potential clients who have come to us long after the bullying began, and unfortunately it is too  late to take action. Don’t let that be you!


Also, workplace bullying cases may require making a complaint to human resources before being able to take legal action. We believe it is best to meet with an attorney prior to going to human resources. Consequently, the result of a workplace bullying claim often increases retaliation. By getting involved before you make an internal complaint, we can hopefully prevent retaliation as well ensure that any further retaliation comes with consequences for the employer.


Usually, our attorneys begin by meeting with potential client face to face. We discuss the merits of your claims as well as the method of strategy for handling a hostile work environment. If you choose to hire use, we usually begin by contacting your employers and proposing two options, (1) conditions for eliminating the workplace bullying, or (2) a severance package that will compensate you for your harms and damages.


If you are a victim of workplace bullying, please contact us without any delay.
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